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Botox Training courses


IMG_7306Learn the cosmetic uses for Botulinum Toxin without leaving your own practice. Do this without taking any study/annual leave. We offer Botox courses in Cardiff generally but we will also come to you, you decide where and when.

We are one of the very few RCGP accredited course providers for Botox. However we also train nurses in Botox. Our courses are suitable for specialty doctors and doctors in training but are designed to train GPs in Botox.

We provide training across the UK

  • Botox training in Bristol,
  • Botox training in London,
  • Botox training in Newcastle
  • Botox training in Birmingham
  • Botox training in Wrexham

Botulinum toxin

Following training in Botox you will be able to offer Botox injections which are the most popular evidence based anti-ageing treatment for smoothing lines and wrinkles which appear as –

  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and can be combined with other treatments such as facial fillers to make skin look younger and fresher.

Benefits of Botulinum toxin

  • Younger looking skin in days
  • Safe, quick and painless
  • Treats forehead frown and eye wrinkles
  • Suitable for women and men 18 to 65

Benefits of Botox training for doctors and nurses:

  • Less time spent working
  • consultations at your own pace
  • limitless earning potential
  • better work/life balance
  • freedom



Botulinum toxin injection wrinkle relaxing treatment is a simple treatment which can dramatically soften facial expression lines, frown lines and crow’s feet in both men and women without surgery, scars and recovery time.

When we frown, smile or laugh we contract our face into folds of skin that form dynamic wrinkles and lines such as “crows feet”, forehead lines or “worry lines”. Over time, these wrinkles and lines become deeper and more permanent.

How does Botulinum toxin injection wrinkle relaxing treatment work?

Wrinkle relaxing treatment blocks impulses from the nerve to the facial muscles that are related to expression lines. This relaxes, or puts the muscle into “hibernation” for around 3 to 4 months leaving the overlying skin looking smooth and less wrinkled.

Botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxing treatment works only on the specific muscles injected leaving surrounding muscles to function as usual. Botox training with us will provide you with the skills to safely administer botox after the training.

How is Botulinum wrinkle relaxing treatment administered?

Tiny amounts of Botulinum toxin are injected, using disposable syringe, into the muscles that cause the skin to crease and furrow. It is a safe and simple procedure. The pain associated with injections is mild and no local anesthetic is required. Patients will be able to drive and engage in all usual daily activities immediately after the treatments. injections.


Most practices charge between £160 and £300 per treatment session. That equates to a profit of around £110-£250 profit from a single 15 minute treatment. The course costs could be recouped in just 2-3 treatments! Botox training is ideal for GPs given they usually have the safe clean environment to deliver safe treatments.



During the course you will learn the techniques to treat Hyperhidrosis. This is a fantastic treatment for excessive underarm sweating. It is estimated to affect approximately 1% of the population. Although most people associate excessive sweating with the underarm area – it can occur in other focal parts of the body, such as the hands, or feet, or it can be more generalized affecting the whole of the body.

There can be a positive family history of this disease, but the underlying cause of Hyperhidrosis is not yet fully understood.

Although there are no known long term complications associated with excessive sweating, people who suffer from this embarrassing condition can find that it dramatically affects their confidence in social or work situations resulting in a reduction in their quality of their life. Normal antiperspirants and deodorants are generally ineffective in providing adequate relief from the symptoms of excessive sweating.

Generalized excessive sweating over large areas of the body are usually treated by General Practitioners or Dermatologists with systemic antimuscarinic drugs. These help to reduce sweating over the whole of the body, but can also be associated with systemic side effects. Treatment options relating to Focal Hyperhidrosis affecting discreet areas of the body, such as the axilla (armpits), feet and hands aim to target reduction of sweating in the area affected.

Botulinum toxin was approved in the United Kingdom as a medical treatment for under arm sweating in July 2001.

Tiny amounts of botuulinum toxin are injected under the arm. The protein works by reducing the effect of local nerves stimulating the sweat glands. This results in the production of less sweat.

Visible results in just a few days
Safe and effective
Effect can last from 6-12 months!
The efficacy and patient satisfaction of Botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis treatment is considered to be excellent. Until now, most treatments for excessive sweating were often ineffective, short acting or had significant risks. For those suffering from excessive sweating, Botox treatments give them new hope where previous therapies have failed before.


Most clinics charge around £400-500 per treatment.

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