Here is the feedback form attendees so far in 2016. Please note. We have included all feedback whether it is good or bad.


GP   “Fantastic Course, very friendly and knowledgable trainer. Amazing to have such a small group. Hands on practical experience on live patients invaluable. Great lunch too.”

GP   “Alun is a brilliant communicator and very patient. No stone left unturned”. 

Nurse practitioner  “Would thoroughly recommend this course.”

GP  “This is the 2nd introduction to botox I have done and the first was in London and comprised of 28 attendees and I didn’t even touch a real patient. This course was the opposite. Just 2 others on the course and practiced on models and then live patients. The difference in the courses is hard to believe and this one is half the price…..”

GP  “Informal, enjoyable course run by highly knowledgable tutor. Made me feel at ease and answered all my concerns”.

Specialist doctor “Excellent and approachable”

GP “I feel very comfortable after completing the course that I am able to take away what I have learned and start my own injection service”.

GP “Thank you so much for todays course – the best course I have ever been on”.

GP  “I am going to my next partners meeting with a plan. Wish me luck.”

Nurse prescriber “Brilliant course, excellent lunch”.

Consultant “The best and most enjoyable course I have ever attended”