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Welcome to Blue Bird Medical Training where we will provide you with:

  • A thorough introduction to botulinum toxin.
  • Extensive demonstrations followed by hands on training eventually injecting a live model.
  • Business advice and setting up a clinic.
  • Detailed course manual with conset forms and reference material.
  • Course aftercare will be in the form of a dedicated helpline and email address.
  • Certificate of Attendance - the certificate is recognized by relevant insurance groups.

Dermal Filler Training

Dermal Filler injections involve injecting dermal filler into depressed area of wrinkles in order to lift, fill out the wrinkle and raise the skin, so that they soften or disappear completely. Dermal fillers are now considered to be a key treatment to offer in cosmetic medicine clinic and are the 2nd most requested treatment behind Botox.

Typical areas for dermal fillers include nasolabial folds(the nose to mouth lines), marrionette lines (drooping mouth corners), flat cheeks, lips from reshaping to simple volume restoration, perioral lines (known as smoker’s lines). During the course there will be a full explanation of the technique along with the risks and how to avoid common and potentially serious pitfalls. By then end of the course you will have gained the knowledge and experience to start injecting patients safely and to create great results.

 Course syllabus includes:
Recognised Training Course Logo (New) Introduction to the art of facial aesthetics
Causes of ageing
Anatomy of the skin
How to assess the face
Types and brands of dermal fillers
How dermal fillers work
Preparation and storage
Precautions & side effects
Client selection & assessment
What can be achieved with dermal fillers
Treatment planning & injection techniques
Legal & consent requirements
Practical procedures
Introduction to advanced uses
The importance of aftercare
Before and after case studies
Hands-on training on real patients